Protect your employees from Coronavirus

August 27, 2020

GnM Consulting has a simple philosophy; ‘We’re here to help’.

With over 20 years collective experience in the fields of Industrial Relations, Work Health and Safety, and compliance we offer a diverse service to assist businesses with their journey into the world of compliance.

We provide services to guide Employees through the complex network of submitting claims to Fair Work or for Employers to ensure they are up to date and compliant with current HR trends and requirements.

As trained auditors we have an acute understanding of the requirements to meet audit requirements for social ethical programs such as:

  • SEDEX ©
  • McDonalds Social Workplace Accountability (SWA), and
  • Fair Farms

And ISO systems as follows:

  • ISO45001 – Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO14001 – Environment
  • ISO9001 – Quality

Many businesses now bundle such systems into an Integrated Management System; we provide a specialised service to ensure your system is compliant with each standard.

We can build these systems to suit most industries including building and construction, civil construction, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Our advisors can also assist with Industrial relations advice and services for Employers and Employees.

From Fair Work claims, assistance with Performance Management of underperforming staff, investigation of employment related issues, to the creation of HR documents such as policies, procedures and HR manuals; our service is as diverse as it is exact.